Jen Anaya

Jen Anaya is a New York based art-maker hailing from the desert of Arizona. New work is what excites Jen and they’ve had the opportunity to debut work on NYC stages (Joe’s Pub, The Duke on 42nd, A.R.T./New York Theaters, Arlene’s Grocery) and stages all over the country as a singer, actor, and cellist. They believe in art as a powerful tool for communication, feeling, awakening, change and healing.  Jen is ecstatic to have been part of the Tamar Of The River original cast recording as it was one of their most favorite projects to date.

Favorite roles include: Maria in West Side Story, Frida 25 (and 19 other characters) in Casa Blue: The Last Moments In The Life Of Frida Kahlo, and Amy in Can You Hear Me, Baby? which combined their passion for birth education/advocacy for laboring parents and beautiful storytelling.

As a trained doula, their greatest work so far has been helping in the debut of their godbabies. Constellation Chor is at the very intersection of what they hold dear and they’re honored to be a chor member of this magnificent ensemble of inspiring artists.