Luisa Muhr

Luisa Muhr is a multi-lingual, New-York-based multi- and interdisciplinary artist who works as a theater-maker, actor, vocalist, movement artist, director, choreographer, writer, and educator. She is the founder and curator of Women Between Arts at The New School, co-founder and artistic director of FENGARI Works, and part of the Theater Faculty at Yiddish New York. She is originally from Vienna (Austria) and has lived in Montreal for multiple years before coming to New York. Her work varies from experimental/avant-garde, movement-based, classical, Yiddish, puppet, to music theater, performance art, and solo and ensemble engagements as a singer/vocalist. Luisa has performed and collaborated with artists such as Kenneth Goldsmith, Frank London, Arturo O’Farrill, and John Zorn. In June 2018 she presented the world premiere of her experimental full-length solo work Anna at the Austrian Cultural Forum. Additionally Luisa performed at venues such as Baruch Performing Arts Center, the Jewish Museum, Judson Memorial Church, Park Avenue Armory, The Stone, Theatre for the New City, and the Albright Knox Art Gallery (Buffalo). She is also honored to have been offered by Meredith Monk to teach Monk’s work in different schools and communities. Throughout the last decade Luisa has created and directed multiple pieces on national and international stages. She has been a joyful member of Constellation Chor since early 2017.