Chaesong Kim

Chaesong Kim is an interdisciplinary artist currently based in New York, where she finds home in working with Inconvenience Store, Ping Chong + Company, Samita Sinha, and Constellation Chor, among other artists. Concepts of non hierarchical making, and prioritizing the process over product are important to her, through which she often muses on the non-difference of what is deeply personal and what is universal, and stays happy and curious to liberally use movement, sound, text, video, visual art, and interactive technology in her research and celebration of the human. Boundaries, identity politics, belonging, community, multiculturalism, multilingualism, memory, bodies, empathy, and feminism are often present in her art making. Her works have been featured in spaces including La MaMa E.T.C., Green Street Studios, 2017 ACDA New England Regional Conference, Olin Arts Center, and Bearnstow. She has also had the honor of learning and performing the repertory works of Trisha Brown Dance Company, Marlies Yearby, the choreographer of RENT, and Mas Darsono, a prominent Javanese Gamelan musician and master puppeteer, as well as working with Arthur Kampela, Frank Carlberg, and Vanessa Justice in making new works while at Bates College.