Chanan Ben Simon

Chanan Ben Simon (aka Ben Simone) is a singer, composer and an artist. Born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel. Currently living in Brooklyn, New York.

Ben Simone’s work spreads on many different mediums and disciplines, but voice is always the original seed of creation.

His work spreads from Installation art – combining sound, video projections and sculptural elements (the DINO show, Love archive, Lepers’ symphony) Music for theatre (Miseducated) or dance (Kedusha, Tulips) Vocal work and group improvisation (Constellation chor, ABRA ensemble) Performer of experimental work by composers such as Joan La Barbara, Amnon Wolman, Robert Ashley etc. And a Singer/Songwriter/Producer of alternative pop music, Released his debut album in 2016 (Toy Store).

Ben Simone’s work was performed all over the world – Israel, New York, Taiwan, Korea, Berlin, Basel and Vienna.

He got his BA in multidisciplinary composition from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, and currently working on his MFA in Brooklyn College, PIMA program (Performance and interactive media).