Maya Carney

Maya Carney is a Brooklyn-born and based, vocalist and trombonist. She studied instrumental performance at Laguardia High School as well as Manhattan School of Music and Juilliard’s pre-college programs.  Throughout the years she’s worked with many artists including DJ Serge Negri, Lester St.Louis, Arturo O’Farrill, Jhakai Deshong, the Constellation Chor and many others.  Maya enjoys working in artistic environments rooted in a variety of musical and performative traditions such as jazz, house, r&b, improvised, and contemporary classical music.  Maya primarily roots her practice in her spirituality, letting her music act as a form of release and personal expression before a performative act.  One of her goals inside of her practice is to recognize, access, and release through her source.   This is something Maya is always trying to develop and learn from both individually and through collaborations.  She views her voice as an entire instrument, exploring and manipulating sound utilizing her entire range to find new ways of expressing.

➡️ Instagram: @leesakile