Pyeng Threadgill

Pyeng Threadgill is a vocalist, songwriter, voice coach and certified teacher of the Alexander Technique and Somatic Voicework, the LoVetri Method. As a performer Pyeng has been described as “charmingly eclectic” by St Louis Today. Singing ‘New Porch Music’ Pyeng crafts an intimate journey through folk and Jazz with Afro- electronic inflections. In her fourth solo album and multimedia project entitled Head Full of HairHeart Full of Song, Ms. Threadgill shines a light on hair, adornment, and ancestry, and the conflicts therein.

As a guest performer Threadgill has shared the stage with pianist/composer Marc Cary, the Urban Bush Women and Contra Tiempo as a writer/performer in Agua Furiosa and as a performer in Full Still Hungry. She has accompanied poet, author, playwright hattie gossett as a soundmaker/actress on her Conjure Wimmins Project. Pyeng is a 2008 recipient of a fellowship in music composition from New York Foundation for the Arts and this year she was featured by the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment on “A Day’s Work” showcasing the work of three working musicians living in New York. 

As a voice coach Pyeng approaches the voice with an emphasis on slowing down, waiting and allowing one’s sound to come through by noticing both habitual tension and by refocusing on the joy of music rather than self-judgment. She believes that full ease, freedom and expression can be found by connecting to the breath, body and movement for a holistic sense of each individual’s Soul music.