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Celebrating music, place, and discovery.

Biophony is a FREE event for musicians, composers, and audiences alike. It is created and produced by Metropolis Ensemble.

There are over 70 commissioned composers to craft flexible, open-score pieces for outdoor performance and infinite combinations of instruments. There will also be 50-75 (or more) musicians representing all the instrument families divided into 10-15 pods and spread throughout a large geographic area.

Constellation Chor was commissioned to create a Biome (a piece).  Chor members Chanan Ben Simone, Heath Saunders, and Kalli Siamidou took the lead on this composition, with guidance from Constellation Chor Director, Marisa Michelson.  We created a piece called LINEAGE(S).

LINEAGE(S) asks artists to be vulnerable with each other by acknowledging and then sharing the music that lives in their own bodies. We created a map that involves improvising and listening deeply to overlapping LINEAGE(S) gestures*. The piece also includes an evolving lineage folder where ensembles are invited to upload audio or visual documentation of their LINEAGE(S) gestures* to inspire future performers of the piece.  

Constellation Chor will be performing LINEAGE(S) (and other pieces)  in early September, stay tuned for more information.

Biophony encourages exploration between music, site, listener’s self-determination, and musicians interacting with all these moving elements.

Join us this September for this acoustic manifestation of biodiversity. 🌱

This event is FREE!

➡️ Click here for more info about the event

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