MetaSimulacrum with Bill Brittelle

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 Courtesy of William Brittelle

Constellation Chor will join William Brittelle on a multimedia project commissioned and premiered by Cincinatti Symphony Orchestra. The project will form part of a larger cosmos of production called CSO PROOF: The Meta Simulacrum Vol. 1. 

“Grounded in the retro-futurism of ’80s culture, The Meta Simulacrum Vol. 1 serves as a requiem for our collective lost future. The performance debuts the first material generated through The Meta Simulacrum, an alternate digital reality platform designed by William Brittelle. Juxtaposing newly composed songs for an electro-acoustic ensemble of dynamic musical polymaths—drawn from alternative classical, jazz, neo-soul and experimental rock worlds—with re-contextualized elements of the ’80s sound, The Meta Simulacrum Vol. 1 uses the symbology of our shared past to look forward into our uncertain future.”  CSO website.

Production will begin shortly for three videos, although the collaboration will continue through the rest of 2021.

Courtesy of William Brittelle

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