“I Simply Want To Be Dead” on Brain Pickings by Maria Popova

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I Simply Want to be Dead, a song in Marisa Michelson’s music-theatre piece, Sappho Fragments, has been included in Maria Popova’s essay, “Sappho’s Timeless Elegy for Heartbreak at the End of Love, Reimagined in a Haunting Choral Invocation,” on Brain Pickings. The essay discusses Eros, Sappho’s influence in on history, music and Constellation Chor’s vocal invocations.

“Epochs and civilizations later, Sappho’s lyric portal into this elemental dimension of the human heart comes newly alive in a haunting choral invocation by Constellation Chor — New York City’s vocally and culturally kaleidoscopic vocal ensemble, founded by the visionary aural architect Marisa Michelson, who composed the piece and performed it with ensemble members Jen AnayaKalli Siamidou, and Tamrin Goldberg.” – Maria Popova, Brain Pickings.

Click here to read the essay on Brain Pickings.